MVK Information

Welcome to the Moonee Valley Knights FC. We welcome both boys and girls in our teams.

MVK Board:

The board oversees all aspects of the club – social, soccer, FFV, FFA, council.

Junior Committee:

EVERY team is required to have at least one member on the Junior Committee this season. In 2016 we are launching a Parents Committee at MVK. The purpose of this committee is to work on all things related to soccer for young kids at MVK, to share the workload across the club, to get more people involved and to relieve the Board of junior soccer tasks. Ideally meeting times would be during training sessions to reduce the impact on family life.

If you are interested in joining this committee please speak to Onsy on 0411 303 538.
The positions on the Parents committee are: (These are not necessarily individual roles. They can be shared by a group of people.

  • Events (coordinating)
  • Policy (collating & writing)
  • Facilities (Ground allocation for matches & training)
  • Grants (sourcing, writing & submitting)
  • Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Newsletter
  • Team manager coordinator
  • App / Facebook coordinator (updating with alerts)

Mobile APP:

As a member of Moonee Valley Knights FC Miniroos it is an expectation that EVERY family downloads the club app onto your phone. (
The majority of our communication this year will be via the Moonee Valley Knights Team App.
Please download it onto your phone so that you are kept up to date with everything going on at MVK and don't miss out on vital information.

Age groups:

As set out by the FFV guidelines our junior soccer players are categorised according to year of birth. This is the category that you will register your child under, regardless of the team they will be playing in.

Junior and Miniroos Players (Season 2019) ages:
U7 - born in 2012 or later
U8 - born in 2011 or later
U9 - born in 2010 or later
U10 - born in 2009 or later
U11 - born in 2008 or later
U12 - born in 2007 or later


Junior and Miniroos coaches are often volunteer parents. Without these parents, children would not have the opportunity to play soccer locally. The club may pay for parent coaches to complete the Junior Football Licence Accreditation through the FFV.

If you are interested in being a Miniroos coach or assistant coach this season please contact to Peter Dijkema at

Please note that if player numbers increase we will need more coaches to field additional teams in each age group. No coach for a team will mean that the team cannot play. Please think about offering to help coach.

Team selection:

Team selection and team entry (level they play at) is always difficult. This is mainly due to numbers of players and their skill level. Some age groups have too many players and some not enough, some children prefer to play with friends but this is not always possible. The number of teams entered in one age group depends on having enough to field the teams each and every week without having too many on the bench. Also an increase in players in an age group means additional coaches are needed. If this occurs, the only possible way for the team to go ahead is for a parent/s to take on this role. (The club would support new coaches with FFV accreditation.) Ultimately the club wants everyone to play so we will do our very best to accommodate everyone and we ask you to support us during the season.

The official Miniroos and Junior Home and Away matches begin on April 15th with matches played on a Sunday. Please find information on how to access this information via our club app under Fixture.


The number of players on a team varies according to the age group. This season each team will have up to 3 extra players to cover absences due to illness, holidays, etc. If you are going to be away for training or a match it is your responsibility to inform the coach or team manager prior to the game. The number of players on the pitch during a match is as follows:

  • U7 - 4 players
  • U8 - 7 players
  • U9 - 7 players
  • U10 - 9 players
  • U11 - 9 players
  • U12 - 9 players
  • U13 - U18 - 11 players

The Miniroos and Junior U12 teams play in different divisions (Kangaroos, Wallabies or Joeys) according to their ability as a team. This is determined by their grading in the previous season as well as the recommendation by the coach. After U12 the FFV places teams in a division A, B, C or D according to their position on the ladder at the end of the previous season or request by the club. This season Moonee Valley Knights will be playing in the WESTERN league.


The fees for 2019 are:

  • Miniroos: $380.00
  • Juniors: $480.00

This fee pays for:

  • Player registration payable to FFV and FFA which includes insurance
  • Team registration fees payable to FFV
  • Coaches training courses
  • Uniform – socks, top & shorts
  • Training equipment, eg. Balls, cones, bibs, goals, first aid kits, etc.
  • Presentation day costs for players eg. Food, trophies
  • Ground & Occupancy Expenses eg. Rent, insurance, water, electricity, rates
  • Maintenance of the grounds and club eg. Mowing, line marking
  • Lease of club rooms

Team manager:

EVERY team is required to have a team manager to assist the coach with player and match details and distribute information from the Parents Committee to players. Please consider taking on this role as teams cannot play without a team manager.